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Using your phone's GPS function this app enables you to find the closest bar with info on their Happy Hour specials. Yup! the app will give you direction on how to get there.


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It's never been easier to find out what bars are offering which specials. Just click on the list of bars in your area to find out what specials are going on tonight!


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This app is designed to keep you constantly informed on the new drink specials and events going on around town.

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Are you utilizing mobile technology to attract new customers and engage current customers?

By now pretty much everyone has a smart phone and doesn’t leave home without it. When people are considering which bar to hit tonight, whether they are a local or a visitor to New Orleans odds are they are thinking about it away from their computer. Letting people know about your Happy Hour specials has never been easier and more efficient. Our users are searching on their phones for what happy hour specials are out there tonight. Submitting your bar for the NOLA Happy Hour app is simple. Below is the link to get started:

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